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State Budget Problems Cause Reduced Hours

It is now March 17th and there is still no funding for Tourette Syndrome in the State Budget that began on July 1st.  Although many of you have donated, signed our petition and are looking for ways to help, sadly it is now time that PA-TSA must start making reductions in order to save funds for the long haul.  I am writing to announce that our Board just approved a plan to reduce our staff to 24 hour work weeks. Starting on March 28, each of our 3 staff will be on part-time hours.  Our schedule will still cover Monday - Friday 8-4, but response times will be extended.  Our previous standard client response time was 24 hours. Unfortunately that will increase to 2-3 days at this time.  Travel is greatly restricted as well and meeting/training needs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

These changes are necessary but hopefully will be temporary as there is a bill in the House Appropriations Committee that would restore funding for Tourette Syndrome that was line item vetoed in January.

Even without state funding, donors have helped PA-TSA provide 18 Educator Trainings,12 Peer Trainings, 3 Healthcare Trainings, 2 community trainings, attend15 IEP/504 meetings, 6 Consultant services and 8 Info Booths/Outreach Events! Our spring events including our TS Family Camp are also being held without change!

Please note these changes but know that there are ways you can help:

1.  Add your name to our Petition with a comment and ask friends, family and co-workers to do so as well!  PETITION   

2.  Donate to support our work.  (Service donations are greatly appreciated direct donation)

3.  Tell your story at the Capital to help us fight for next year's funding!  TS Day at the Capital

4.  Join us in raising funds through the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.  Walk in HarrisburgWalk in Pittsburgh.

  We will continue to watch this process closely and will provide you with updates as they are made available to us.  Thank you for your continued support of PA-TSA and the people we serve!

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